Google Cloud Platform Certification – Cloud Architect (GCP)

 Google Cloud Platform Certification – Cloud Architect (GCP)

Cloud Architect, Digital Architect – In depth coverage of all Services- 300+ Practice questions & 4 Case Studies Design

What you’ll learn

GCP Services – Networking , Storage , Databases, Containers, Virtual Machines, App Engine, Security etc

GCP Compute Service : Virtual Machine (GCE), App Engine (GAE), Container Service (GKE), Google Cloud Function

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Cloud Architect – Certifications from Google Cloud Platform.   This is best way to prepare for exam as well as learn Google Cloud platform in detail. 

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“Passed Google Cloud Architect Exam – Thank you Dhanaji for your course!” ·Ramu a day ago

“Yesterday i passed the exam, its not that hard if you understand concepts good  and did some work/lab in GCP. the material and the architect course is so helpful..”

Date : Jan 2019 ->

I have cleared my GCP Cloud architect exam and would like to thank you for detailed course, which was good to get subject knowledge.

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There are many more.. Please check recent feedback for the student who are passed. 

Please ignore -ve reviews past Jul 2018. This Course went through considerable changes.

Get Confidence on Google Cloud platform with Demos where you can Deploy your/sample applications , Configure Load Balancer , Configure AutoScaling . Configure private networking , VPN etc… 

Major Updates for this Courses !

Google is developer friendly and have provided almost all code example to Githut  link ->  github Slash GoogleCloudPlatform/

Google provide $300 credit  to try/Learn GCP platform besides free tier , So you can even learn paid services which does not have free tier. 

GCP Highlights 

Cloud Architect Certifications – Google has ended all other certifications and came up with single Architect Certifications as Cloud Architect. 

Certifications Content 

GCP Agenda 

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