Complete Virtual & Augmented Reality Course: Unity 2018.2


6 Courses in 1! Project based learning. Learn how to make VR and AR apps with 3D game development and C# programming

What you’ll learn

Gain the skills to quickly and confidently create your own applications using the industry’s leading tools

How to strategically move into a career in the VR/AR field

We start super simple.

No prior experience of Unity or coding required.

Circuit Stream welcomes the complete beginner.

We’ll teach you the industry’s best VR and AR design and development principles.

Our courses start with specific skills and all lessons are project based.

This means you’ll immediately begin learning the tools and technologies used by professionals working in VR and AR.

You won’t spend hours learning knowledge that doesn’t apply.

You’ll find instructors that explain concepts clearly, along with examples and additional resources.

If you want to:

Circuit Stream will be the best VR and AR course for you.

Dive in now to learn the skills in Unity you need to create VR and AR!

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Last updated 3/2019

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