Remove YouTube Community Guideline strike With This Guaranteed method

Remove Youtube Community Guidelines strike in 48 hours with this method in 2019 

 Hello Guys Today You Receive A community guidelines strike and you don,t know what to do than read this article and You Will Way That How To Get RID of community guidelines strike .In this post i am going to show you An Interested trick that you can use on YouTube to Remove Your Strike.So With Out Wasting Time Let Begin.
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What is YouTube Community Guidelines Strike?

if You are You Must Experience This But If not then i will tell u when you tuber upload something that violate community guidelines of YouTube then YouTube team or YouTube bot delete your video from YouTube and make it invisible from some people upload thing that violate community guidelines and there is no way to remove that strike because if YouTube violate community guidelines then You Have To Wait for the expiration of strike. but if your video is fine and does not violate community guidelines and YouTube bot detect it as it violate community guidelines than you have 99% that your video will be restore and the strike will remove . 

How to Remove Community guidelines strike and restore your YouTube Video ?

So in this post i will show You that how you can remove the strike you believe is invalid so first of all  open your YouTube channel and Go to feature page and there click see detail Under Community Guidelines Status. Then Select The Strike And Click appeal.

And Write The Below Text in The Box And Submit It.

I don,t Agree With This Strike Because My video does not contain sexual, hateful, harmful, Threat, Copyright, Spam, misleading metadata, and scams please remove the strike.


After Sending Appeal Wait 48 Hours and in the next 48 Hours Your Video Will be restore and the strike will be remove working 100% Tested by me.
This Method work For Videos That Does not Violate YouTube community Guidelines .
If You Have Any question please feel free to leave Comment.