Make Facebook Comment Bot For Free In 2019 | Free Hosting For Fb Bot

How to make Facebook Comment bot site for free in 2019

Guys some of you Have Seen Facebook Comment Bot on Facebook and You Like It because every one like it . The benefits of Facebook bot is that when ever someone upload a picture you will Like and comment on his post at no time which saves your times and make your friends happy and you will also get like and comment from your friends because your friends thing that you like and comment on his post and that,s why he would like your post. Facebook bot will help You to Increase Exposure of your account which is good thing. You can become popular using Facebook bot tool . Yes you read correctly it will help U to boost your likes comment follower and make You popular. So in this post i will show U That How to Make A personal Facebook bot Site For Free 2019 and become popular Facebook buddy .

What is Facebook Bot?

Bot is a new trick on Facebook that post comment automatically on your friends post videos and all the things which is in your new feed.
So if You want To make Bot for yourself and want to become famous on Facebook than follow my steps


How To Make  A Personal Bot Site For Facebook (Comment bot for Facebook).

Step 1: First of all signup on HOSTTALES its free hosting site
Step 2: then Confirm your email address 
Step 3: Download BotScript from  HERE  
Step 4: then open the downloaded files and upload index , value and picture of Script in Your File manager of hostbuddy account
Step 5: in this step Set the Corn Job from Here

Step 6: get Your acess Token from below

These are the famous Token

Black Berry Token
Step 7: Paste or type your token in Your bot  Site box your made

Step 8: then Click Submit and Save

Step 9: Check your Profile Activity log on Facebook
Step 10: Your Bot is Working if last posted comment from your profile is match your current time .Enjoy
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