How To Increase You Facebook Like On Android 2019 Autoliker

Today i will show you the best trick for increasing Facebook likes and follower and comment .
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i will be showing you method in which we use auto liker android app . there are many other method of increasing Facebook likes. If You Don,t know what is auto liker then read the below paragraph.

What Is A Facebook Autoliker?
A Facebook Autoliker is an online tool which can increase likes on your Facebook posts and if modified then it can deliver
comments too and can also have other tools like auto adder friends, auto follow, auto unfriend or a complete Facebook bot which can work on Facebook for you all the time and do all your work from liking posts to giving comments and uploading posts, photos or videos.
Now on Your Question.
How A Facebook Autoliker Work?
Facebook Autoliker is a like exchange system, where you go and ask for likes and give likes to others but it is Completely automatic, once you log in to the website (autoliker website ) you can deliver comments and likes on your posts simply by clicking on them, and this is same with other people too.


Image is not mine use with permission

As you see in the upper image when You install the DJ liker app you will see the above pic click in log in with Facebook and 
Enter  CAPTCHA code like the below picture.
Image is not mine use with  permission.

 And then click Submit and there we go new tab will open then there will you get option that which picture you want to increase your likes select that one and then click submit and you will get your likes in the next 30 seconds then for using again wait 15 minutes and do same again and again after every 15 minutes