Bypass Facebook Upload Photo Of Yourself With this method 2019

If You are reading this it mean your Facebook account is locked and ask to upload Photo of yourself in order to open it/ access it again. and you try and failed . You failed because you use fake profile pictures or you use fake account. well i will show you a simple way to bypass / open that Facebook account with my method i tested this method with my account and it works.


This method is far best and easiest way to bypass Upload photo of yourself Facebook verification lock. If Your Account is locked and you want to open it again then follow the steps below.

  • Get You Current Profile Picture.
If You have download your profile picture of Facebook account then you are ready to skip this step. but if you are locked and don,t have have profile picture of your account then get copy of your profile pictures. To get picture you need to try to login your profile picture with wrong password and it will show you profile thumbnail . Coy URL Of the thumbnail and change 50 or 64 in URL to 512 to get larger thumbnail available and you are done. proceed to next step.

  • Edit or get similar photo.
once you get the photo change its color little bit. and resize it to 1000px for the shorter side etc. and used that photo to bypass the upload photo of yourself lock. if you try and failed then upload the photo to google images and find similar photo to yours and download it .

  • Submit Photo To Facebook .
After you get the similar photo from google images search and download it an upload that photo to Facebook .when you finish upload the images it show you the message that your account will be temporary disable while they review your account.

Photo Reviewing process 

At a first step it will enter in what it looks like an automatic review using latest face recognition software acquired by Facebook. Also we think they will search for clones of this photo on Facebook and Instagram or even whole Internet, but if you modified the photo, clones won't be found on Internet, though theoretically, using their face recognition software they could find matches, even if photo is different, if you used photos from another person with a Facebook or Instagram profile (for this reason better don't get your photos from Facebook or Instagram, if you cannot find right pictures. If their software find matches of your submitted photo in your profile picture or pictures tagged as yourself, the account will be reinstated right away. This process would take around 1 day, 2 days at most (just few hours if you are lucky). During this period, every time you try to login at your account, you are shown a message saying that they are reviewing the photo you uploaded.

If you was not lucky and there was no automatic match, then it will pass to manual review which will take around 7-10 days. During this time, login your account will now show the usual "Account Disabled" red message, but remember the initial message saying that disable is temporal.

However, if after 10 days you are not been reinstated, you'd likely had not bypass the manual review and now the account is permanent disabled. Notice that you won't receive ANY email for the whole process, so you never know if you are still pending for review or failed it.

At this point, if already passed 10-14 days and you still disabled, you should appeal the suspension through the link in the red message. To appeal you just have to upload an ID document to prove your identity and say something like "I was asked to upload a photo of myself and I was disabled with no reason". If they don't find anything in the account deserving being disabled (like blatant policy violations), they will reinstate the account in 1-2 days after appeal. The success rate in the appeals are pretty high, so it deserves the effort. If you find yourself at this point and you are in troubles to appeal your account, contact us.